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To get in touch, please use one of the following options:

07958 649650

07711 271552

153 Repton Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 9HY

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1 thought on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I have a 500gb sealed, Seagate FreeAgent Desktop external hard drive that will not connect to my P.C.
    It has a usb cable to connect it to the computer and a plug to provide power.
    Upon plugging it into the computer the light comes on and the unit “whirls-up” but then seems to just stop and turn off. It does not show on any computer/laptop I have plugged it into.

    Is this something you would be able to assist me with trying to fix or at least get the information off of the unit ?

    I am based in Green St Green and am a keen adversary of keeping trade local so really hope you can help.

    If you can, I would be most grateful if you could provide me with a price and timescale as to when you could have a look and how long it would hopefully take.

    Thank you kindly in advance,

    Chris Tyler
    07917 713603

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