Hello! Welcome to the online home of QIT Limited.

We are Computer Consultants based in Orpington. Our aim is “Quality” IT (hence the Q in QIT)

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3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. George Bogdan Pascaru

    I have a Toshiba Sattelite p750-135 with a Toshiba hdd 650 gb ….unfortunately the hdd fails to work last night . The first error was 0xc00000e9 and after that I was unable to boot win 10 again…..after few failed tryes I was unable to see see the hdd anymore. ..just from bios …. I manage to see all data conecting the hdd through one external sata doking station . The speed of the transfer is ridiculous slow under 100kb/s. I also have the backup and recovery on this hdd and I managed to buy a new hdd. Can you give a quote for transferring all data in the new hdd and instaling the win7 or 10 OS or apply the recovery or the backup… Thank you. Kind regards George Pascaru

  2. Hi George, firstly can you drop the laptop off at Orpington? If so the charge for all of the above will be £80 plus the cost of WIndows 7 unless you have a copy.

  3. I need my external hard drive repaired asap. I dropped it yesterday. It is making a beeping noise. It is Sp Amor 2TB USB 3. I think the drive is stuck and needs to be freed but I worried to try and do this myself as the data is very important. I live locally and would really appreciate your help!

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